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Bluesforum.com has got the blues!

Blues is a type of music that started on the plantations in the 19th century in America's Southern states. The original blues musicians, the black slaves on the plantations used their music to express their everyday worries on the plantation: relationship issues, issues with the owner of the plantation, alcohol addictions and money problems. There are several stories about where the word "Blues" comes from, but the most likely explanation is that it originates from the Britisch 17th century expression "blue devils" which refer to the mental and physical consequenses deriving of problems with alcohol, especially the lack of it (sweats, tremors, hallucinations etc).
Bluesmusicians in bands, as a duo or solo. Guitar, piano and bluesharp are commonly used instruments in bluesmusic. A bluessong often has a 12 bar structure over a so-called 12 bar chord progression (12 bar blues). On Bluesforum you can find all aspects of bluesmusic. For instance the various types of blues, like bluesrock or delta blues but you can also find bluesmedia like e.g. cd's, dvd's, bluesradio or topics like festivals and concerts. In short: Bluesforum.com has got the blues.

Examples of topics on the blues:

Worlds most expensive blues record.
The Movers Blues Band (UK) - That's What Love Will Make You Do
The Movers (UK) - Cold, Cold Feeling
A very rare rocord was up for sale
Pyrlandzki Blues - PYRLANDIA BOOGIE
pxm - "Just so Blue"
pxm - "A Real Good Day II, Enjoy Afterlife"
pxm - "A Real Good Day"
Blues Radio on internet
Just those old classics you got to have!
Herbie Hancock - 75 Birthday!
Boogie woogie, blues piano special Jimmy Hammond live 14th Feb London
Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life -
Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life -
Where is everybody????

Review Squad!

The Review Squad is a team that writes reviews on concerts, festivals, cd's and dvd's.These reviews (if applicable) are also placed on our Dutch bluesforum, the bluesharp forum and the rockabilly forum. For more information about the Review Squad click here.

The latest blues cd and blues dvd reviews:

Dave Arcari - Nobody's Fool
Kris Pohlmann Band - One For Sorrow
Erja Lyytinen – Songs From The Road
Sharrie Williams - Out Of The Dark
Morblus Deluxe - Live At The Camploy Theatre
Joe Poirier – Sunshine
Thomas Hanke & Plaintive Cry - Out Of Pain
Dudley Taft - Left For Dead

The latest concert reviews:

2013-08-08, Seasick Steve, Lokerese Feesten, Lokeren Belgium Revieuw
11-11-18, Seasick Steve captured Metropool Hengelo, the Netherlands
Guitarnight 2010
Moulin Blues 2010, Ospel, The Netherlands
09-09-13 Symphony in Blues

Blues forum and bluesrock forum..

On the blues forum there is attention for old, sometimes early 20th century blues (roots music) like Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Robert Johnson, Bo Diddley and Ma Rainey. Of course blues rock is also mentioned: Rory Gallagher, George Thorogood, Poppa Chubby, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Ian Siegal. In fact, every style since the beginning of blues is considered. On the bluesforum every single bluesfan can find information on his or her favourite bluesbands. On the blues-forum there are many bluespolls on different subjects like: best bluesguitarists, best blues song, best blues band, most influential bluesperformer, etc. Many of these polls have 100 possibilities which can be chosen from.

Additionally on Bluesforum.com:.

On Bluesforum.com there is also an emphasis on bluesbands, bluesfestivals, international bluesbands, bluesguitarists, blues cd's, blues dvd's, bluesbars, bluesconcerts, blues-radio, books, magazines and lots more. On top of that, this year, for the fourth time the Bluesforum.com & Bluesforum.nl CD Award of the year is going to be presented to the cd that is chosen by the members of Bluesforum.com & Bluesforum.nl.

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