Blues concerts


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[1] Boogie Woogie Dream Jamie Rowan's Boogie Lightnin' Piano special 8th Nov UK

[2] The Devout Sceptics live at Jump Jive and Shout Saturday October 11th 2014

[3] Harmonica special Errol Linton and his Blues Vibes Live 13th September London

[4] Boogie Woogie Wonder Boy Cody Lee Smart Piano Special 12th July London UK

[5] Rockin' boogie woogie piano show from Jamie Rowan at Jump Jive & Shout 14 June

[6] Drinking wine spo-de-oh dee Jamie Rowan's Boogie Lightnin' Live 8th March London

[7] Layla Zoe First ever UK show.

[8] Boogie woogie Flu Dom Pipkin Live at Jump Jive and Shout 8th Feb London UK

[9] 4th December boogie woogie show from London bluesman Oliver Darling


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