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The Red Devils & Mick Jagger


The Red Devils & Mick Jagger recorded this material but most of it was never released.
This is an early bootleg release of these recordings:

Hmmmm......that was intresting, and it's sounds good too. If I find this record, iI gonna bye it.
I already have a few records of The Red Devils i my colection.

The Red Devil - King King (yes, not King Kong, that what somebody have printed it)

The Red Devil - April 5, 1993 - Borderline - London + Bonus Album The Red Devils - Sessions & Live 1993 - 97. (two live bootlegs CD's, and this concer'st is somwhere on the internet, and the guy i bought it from, told me that, but he didn't told me where. A very good concert, and it's a favourite, even with that a bad sound, it's a little weak in the sound, but the music is sooo gooood)


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