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where is blues music the biggest right now?

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Just out of curiosity where is blues the biggest right now. Europe, Japan, south America ? Where can one make money playing the blues? Texas style blues

Jack Pealey:
Good question! you just have to put your music out there, that is if you haven't already. The UK, NY, Chicago, Texas and Tennessee have great Blues scenes

Europe has a big blues following, I have a friend in Germany and she is always going to blues concerts.

Jack Pealey:
That's great to know!!

Maybe it's still biggest in USA: Austin  Texasx and Chicago?
Iv'e havent been on any of those places, but it's on my whish list.

It is realy big here in Sweden too, but i think that it is hard to live on just the blues music here, because it's a small country, and there are a lot of good blues musicians here.


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