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2e edition Dutch Blues CD - Double Dutch


El Mano:
last year we (El Mano and DJ Fire) realize the first CD with 18 Dutch blues bands as some of you will remember. It can still be downloaded and the total amount of money goes to SHAMAJO a wish foundation for double disabled children with a life threating disease  (

Now i proudly announce the 2e attempt (is this correct?) to release a new CD. We promise the first 18 bands that they have the right to be on it again, we have a luxury problem1 There was no more space on 1 example. 80 minutes is all there is :think:  so this year we go for a double.

The work name of the project is Double Dutch ( named after the rope jumping ) I can tell you that HBL is on this one to, but there are a whole lot of terrific bands that has connect me to get on it.
Just as last year we wil broadcast the track that reach us on our Internet station that is on the air 24/7, but special at the program: Blues and More ( Wednesday 20.00 till 22.00 and Sunday, 20.00 till 23.00.

An other new item is the program Livingroom Blues. In witch we visit a band when they are in there studio to rehearsal. We interview them and recorded there music and story, expectations and so on.
I will keep you informed!


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