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Ziggy!: Top 100 (Tracks)

The best blues songs of all times?
(If you cannot find the song you are looking for, try a search by typing Ctrl+F)

Every member can select 5 songs.

If you want to add another song just post the artist and title. (max 5).
There is a maximum of 100 songs in this list. So for every new song the title with the least votes will be dropped.
If you want to change your vote, just click "remove vote".

My faves are missing

Paul Butterfield Blues Band - I've gotta mind to give up living, - I know its not the original, but it is the yardstick to measure everything else against
Al Kooper & Michael Bloomfield - Stop, - where the  Blues gets to mingle with Jazz
Roy Buchanan - the messiah will come again
Ry Cooder - the very thing that makes you rich makes me poor
Al Kooper & Michael Bloomfield - Alberts Shuffle - an homage to the King of Kings


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